Seala Lokollo-Evans

I was born in Byron Bay; my mother was born in Perth and my father is from the Maluku Islands.

The Maluku Islands are also known as the Spice Islands. The clove, which is the aromatic flower bud of the evergreen clove tree, is native to my ancestral islands. Cloves are commonly used for cooking and medicinal purposes. Cloves also have historical significance, being one of the main reasons the Islands were first colonised by the Dutch. When I hold these cloves in my hands, I feel the connection to my ancestors.’

Seala Lokollo-Evans, Melbourne VIC #untapyourhistory #cultureislife


The smell of dried cloves brings me back to our family home where I learnt about my ancestral history. Dad uses cloves in many of his recipes, their distinct smell and taste able to transport us all to another world. The clove is a reminder of where my family have come from, and of my identity through our ancestral home.

I believe acknowledgment and healing can be achieved through the act of all Australians taking the time and effort to learn our country’s history from an Aboriginal perspective. Sharing and learning each other’s cultures is a vital part of the process.

Seala Lokollo-Evans, Melbourne VIC #untapyourhistory #cultureislife