Scott Mutch

“I have limited knowledge of my family history only going back a few generations. I’ve always been very interested in my lineage, so it’s a shame I don’t know more about it. My girlfriend and I talk about our family histories a lot. She’s a young Munanjahli woman and I’m a young man from the Sutherland Shire. We’re on a journey together to understand our histories and deepen our connection.

For me, I think the first step is education, ensuring all Australians are aware of what happened in the past, and education about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture so it can be fully understood, shared with the rest of Australia and given the respect it absolutely deserves.”

Scott Mutch, Engadine NSW #untapyourhistory #cultureislife

“This is a photo of my grandfather flying a CAC Boomerang fighter aircraft during the second world war. He is in the one in the middle. I never met my grandfather – he died before I was born.

I grew up hearing stories told to me by my Dad so that’s what makes this picture really special – I feel connected to him. I have this photo on a wall in my home and often reflect on his time in the war. He was younger than me when this photo was taken, such a stark contrast to where I am now.

I try to honour my Ancestors and family history by being a genuine and hardworking person.” Scott Mutch, Engadine NSW #untapyourhistory#cultureislife