Education Resources

Primary and Secondary school resources have been created to honour Archie Roach AM’s internationally recognised iconic song, Took The Children Away and the song’s beautiful translation into a picture book. The book features illustrations by Uncle Archie’s late partner and musical collaborator Ruby Hunter.

Secondary schools can access a collection of interviews with Stolen Generations Survivors that have been recorded and developed into four videos on key education themes; Cultural Identity, Stolen Generations, Talking Our Truths & Healing Through Story and Arts.

Why teach Stolen Generations?

Many stories need to be told to deepen perspectives and understanding of all Australians in their role and place in sharing this country’s ancestral stories. Sadly, humanity has a history of many examples of actions against groups of people that are devastating and bring shame and heartbreak when fully understood. These lessons however in Truth Telling shape perspective, heal relationships and bring exposure to actions which require communities to rethink and ensure history does not repeat itself.

Australia’s history of racism, discrimination and genocide to its First Peoples is confronting, however critical lessons to know and understand. The Stolen Generations is a dark chapter in this nation’s history which documents an attempt to assimilate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Stolen Generation survivor and music icon Archie Roach, is one of Australia’s most powerful story tellers. A man whose story and expression of it through music in particular and more recently books, sheds light on the policies and experiences that impacted thousands of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their families.

Music Project

As well as the education resources, a music project was born to include the voices of our young people and allow space to listen, learn and heal with Uncle Archie and established musicians mentoring emerging artists. Singing Our Futures Music Project produced the single ‘Spiritual Heart’, a tribute to our Elders.


Culture is Life acknowledges Uncle Archie for his generosity, passion and dedication to our First Peoples and Stolen Generations survivors, and for all the healing work he has done sharing his song stories and spirit with the world.

We deeply honour the strength, knowledge and wisdom of our Elders who shared their stories in these videos and guided the content to be best delivered and learnt from in schools; Aunty Lorraine Peeters, Aunty Eva Jo Edwards, Uncle Jack Charles, Aunty Iris Bysouth & Uncle Syd Jackson.

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