As First Peoples of Australia we know that when we, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, lead our work we offer an authentically deep and rich understanding of our culture, history and truths.

In partnership with Good Thing Productions, Culture is Life have developed comprehensive curriculum resources and lead the #MyAustralianDream Campaign to extend the outreach and impact of The Australian Dream film.


The project includes a diverse collective of Aboriginal people, leading and guiding the mobilisation of key themes around Cultural Identity, History and Truths, Racism & Resilience and Reconciliation.

The #MyAustralianDream Campaign was created to give voice to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as a response to the film and the issues, rights and topics raised.

Belinda Duarte

“Watching The Australian Dream and witnessing Adam’s journey, it triggered a heap of memories for me. I guess it hit very deep. It hit me at my core. I want people to know our story.

#MyAustralianDream is for all Australians to know our story, to know their story, to truly know it, and the impact of that story.

Through the #MyAustralianDream campaign we wanted to let our people’s visions, aspirations, and dreams be told. Thank you to every ambassador, to every Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person who shared their vision with us.” Belinda Duarte, Culture is Life CEO.

Shelley Ware

“It’s really special to me to share our stories, to make sure that they’re being passed on and that we make change in Australia.” Shelley Ware, co-author of The Australian Dream Education Resource.

Uncle Charlie Mundine

“Watching films like The Australian Dream, it lifts a lot of hurt. Not so much anger but hurt.” Uncle Charlie Mundine


“Watching The Australian Dream was so shocked at what Adam went through, but I also had a sense of pride in the strength of our people.” Mi-kaisha

Sydney Stack

“I believe Australia needs to hear our voice. Yeah, I’ve broken down being racially abused but I believe that Indigenous Australians are stronger than that. It just makes you feel worthless. It really gets you down. It makes you think, why? Why did they say that? I just look at Goodesy and think of how strong he is. Now whenever I feel racism, I continue smiling and tell them that I’m happy and I’m proud to be Black and I’m a proud Noongar from Belden Country.”

The Merindas

“My family’s Australian dream would be to pass down our traditions to young ones. And their dream was for the young ones to continue on those traditions to maintain our culture. And I think it would break their hearts if we didn’t do that.”

Chris Johnson

“#MyAustralianDream would be for my kids to stay connected to their culture, and then be able to do the same for their children.”

Nova Peris

My mum didn’t have freedom, my grandmother didn’t have freedom, we want our children to have better.”

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