It’s Time For Change campaign asks all Australians to have a think about how young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, their families and friends feel about the nation celebrating Australia Day on January 26.

It’s time for change:

  • To consider the facts
  • To remember and understand our history
  • To think about the impact it has on our young people and their families
  • To connect and care for all Australians
  • To unite and celebrate our shared cultural lineage

“A country’s National Day exists in name only if it doesn’t include, respect and care for all its people. If it can’t honour these fundamental decencies to all citizens, it needs urgent review.” Belinda Duarte Wotjobaluk woman and CEO at Culture is Life



Culture is Life released Something On My Mind single and music video in January 2018 as part of IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE – a campaign that asks all Australians to have a think about how young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, their families and friends feel about the nation celebrating Australia Day on January 26.

Written by Nhunggabarra, Kooma, Muruwari singer-songwriter and international touring artist Glenn Skuthorpe in collaboration with Wemba Wemba, Mutti Mutti and Yorta Yorta woman Jedda Costa and Djugun man Louis Mokak and accompanied by Wergaia singer-songwriter Alice Skye, the song was produced by Katie Symes, engineered by Colin Wynne at Thirty Mills Studios and the music video was filmed at Aviary Studios in Collingwood by James Arneman of Sunlander Films.

The release of Something On My Mind has received high acclaim and significant radio play to include reaching number one on Canada’s Indigenous Music Countdown  and has been performed live at a number of high profile events to include Balit Narrun Festival in Treasury Gardens Melbourne VIC, at the 2nd National and World Indigenous Suicide Prevention Conference in Perth WA and at the 1st World Indigenous Music Conference at Folk Alliance International Montreal QC.

Something On My Mind also features in Thunderbox Films ‘Island Home’, an Australian short film encapsulating the pristine, natural beauty of our coastline, and featuring the activists who have been fighting the fossil fuel industry’s threat to our island-nation’s coastline.

Strategically timed for release four days prior to the 2019 Australian federal election, the story adds punch to the already powerful momentum of the Fight for the Bight, Stop Adani and Climate movements
that right now, are at the centre of our nation’s focus and critical to our shared futures on this planet.

@thunderboxfilmhouse @cultureislife @glennskuthorpemusic #somethingonmymind

Download bios for Something On My Mind


“I want to feel like I can celebrate Australia and the wonderful country I’m from, but I can’t when I’m excluded from that day that marks the beginning of a history of trauma.” Lalatuai Grogan, Kuku Yalanji and Tolai

#itstimeforchange #cultureislife


“I think we just need to take one step at a time, we need to stop, slow down for a bit and lead with our values, with our hearts at best interest. I think that’s the way forward.” Will Austin, Keerray Wurrung and Peek Wurrung

#itstimeforchange #cultureislife


What’s the impact of Australia Day on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people and their families?

#itstimeforchange #cultureislife


What would it feel like for a young Aboriginal person if the past was truly acknowledged and they were included in Australia’s national celebrations?

‘I want to be included but I’m also remembering my families and what they’ve been through and experienced. It was never a day we felt like we could celebrate.’ Kodi Galleghan, Malak-Malak, Nhunggabarra, Kooma, Muruwari woman

‘I used to love the celebrations we had on Australia Day but it’s kind of upsetting to think that I can’t have that and invite Kodi along.’ Kevin Fernandez

#itstimeforchange #cultureislife

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"How I was taught was...they would glorify Captain Cook, he came here, we were convicts...they didn't really brush upon this brutal overtaking at all." - Suleiman "Sully" Enayatzada.

January 26 symbolises a whole range of things for #FirstNations people and the broader community. Reflecting on what it symbolises and reflecting on #truthtelling through these historic events is critical to our #healing and growth to move forward as a united peoples.

#HealOurHistory #TheAustralianWars #CultureIsLife #InvasionDay #AustraliaDay
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"Rottnest Island is where they would take Aboriginal men from all over Western Australia as prisoners. So it's the largest site for Aboriginal deaths in custody in Australia."

#TheAustralianWars is currently airing on @nitv_au. Ep 3 takes us to Wadjemup (Rottnest Island) with #Noongar Elder, Uncle Len Collard. A significant site and place in history that Culture Is Life's 2022 Fullaship Program was able to learn about and pay respects to. Have you watched the series? Did you know the #history of Rottnest Island?

#HealOurHistory #CultureIsLife #FirstNations #Truthtelling
You need to change things to change things.

#MondayMotivation #CultureIsLife #Change
We asked young people what cultural identity means to them. What does cultural identity mean to you? Like, share and drop a comment to join the campaign!

We ask audiences to respect the young people's courage in sharing their perspectives throughout the #HealOurHistory campaign.

#TheAustralianWars #CultureIsLife #FirstNations #YoungPeople #Truthtelling #Healing

🎬 @atticusmedia
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"Everyone needs to watch it, it needs to be in schools and a main part of the curriculum. The truth needs to be told, so that we can move forward." - Leyla Quartermaine

Share your thoughts on #TheAustralianWars series in the comments. Airing on @nitv_au Jan 22-24 or On Demand @sbs_australia and access the education resources in the link in our bio 🔗

#HealOurHistory #CultureIsLife #FirstNations #Truthtelling