We’re looking forward to meeting with First Nations peoples from across the world and will be presenting two workshops, ‘Filmmaking and Truth Telling in the Educational Context: An Exclusive Premiere of the Final Episode of The Australian Wars Documentary’ and ‘Reshaping our learning environments through Indigenous ways of knowledge sharing. Supporting culturally safe and appropriate spaces, educators and resources for our young people to thrive in a western education system.’ More information on how to attend these workshops below.

‘Filmmaking and Truth Telling in the Educational Context: An Exclusive Premiere of the Final Episode of The Australian Wars Documentary’ with Rachel Perkins, Belinda Duarte and Shelley Ware.

Join us for an exclusive, world premiere of the final episode of the land mark documentary series The Australian Wars. Filmmaker Rachel Perkins will be joined by Professor Daryl Rigney in a conversation hosted by Shelley Ware following the screening. Filmmaking can illuminate the untold stories of First Nations people, bringing these stories into schools and homes and breaking what has been locally called the ’The Great Australian Silence’. This series explores the warfare across the Australian continent as colonisation unfolded. Compelling viewing, The Australia Wars contributes to truth telling in Australia and will resonate deeply with First Nations people globally who have resisted the powerful forces of imperialism and its legacy.

Read more: ‘They are burning with a desire for justice’: Rachel Perkins on Australia’s genocidal past | The Guardian

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When: 5:30-7:00 pm, Tuesday 27th September

Where: Hall CD Plenary, WIPCE 2022

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‘Reshaping our learning environments through Indigenous ways of knowledge sharing. Supporting culturally safe and appropriate spaces, educators and resources for our young people to thrive in a western education system’ with Belinda Duarte, Shelley Ware, Thara Brown and Jayden Oakley.

The workshop aims to create a safe space to discuss topics that we believe are integral in reshaping and redefining our current western education systems for a safe, inclusive and sustainable future where our First Nations young people can not just survive but thrive. And where all young people feel safe and valued, aware of our true histories and impacts to inform a healthier future.

Culture is Life’s Aboriginal educators will share learnings from our First Nations led, young people engaged & co-designed with senior cultural guidance approach, sharing practical examples of how schools can increase understanding and skills to support cultural outcomes and embed First Nations cultural content, values and approaches to wellbeing through key themes including Cultural Identity, Histories and Truths and Healing through Story and Art.

The workshop will explore approaches to increasing awareness and better understanding of our nation’s true history and ways to promote access to more First Nations-led and co-designed educational materials, training and tools.

We will facilitate discussions on how our colonial histories have damaged and impacted the nation’s wellbeing, the current impacts of past policies and racism, and how we collectively heal through learning and valuing our true histories, cultures and peoples.

This interactive workshop will model Culture is Life’s process of curriculum development and training for teachers and students including:
– How to to nurture participants’ connection to Country through a guided meditation and mindfulness activity
– Sharing existing resources and how they are used in schools and classrooms.
– Helping teachers feel supported to teach about the importance of connecting to and caring for Country and First Nations histories, cultures and peoples.
– Literature and film examples where participants will consider ways to strengthen their own connection as well as delivering First Nations knowledge in a variety of settings.

Sustainability and caring for Country is a strong theme throughout our organisation’s strategic plan and we are honoured to share some of our work and learnings. The workshop will be facilitated through both ancient and modern lenses of First Nations people, guided by young voices and led by our education team and Fullaship program leaders.

Event Details

When: 12:15-1:00 pm Wednesday September 28th

Where: Room L2, WIPCE 2022

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"How I was taught was...they would glorify Captain Cook, he came here, we were convicts...they didn't really brush upon this brutal overtaking at all." - Suleiman "Sully" Enayatzada.

January 26 symbolises a whole range of things for #FirstNations people and the broader community. Reflecting on what it symbolises and reflecting on #truthtelling through these historic events is critical to our #healing and growth to move forward as a united peoples.

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Applications are now open for the Fullaship Program 2023 🎓 This is a national program open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people aged 18-30, with a focus on professional, personal and cultural development. The program will run from March 2023 - March 2024 and will engage Fellows in a range of collective and individual experiences that aim to challenge, encourage and inspire them to achieve their own goals and aspirations. Applications close 6th February 2023.

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"Rottnest Island is where they would take Aboriginal men from all over Western Australia as prisoners. So it's the largest site for Aboriginal deaths in custody in Australia."

#TheAustralianWars is currently airing on @nitv_au. Ep 3 takes us to Wadjemup (Rottnest Island) with #Noongar Elder, Uncle Len Collard. A significant site and place in history that Culture Is Life's 2022 Fullaship Program was able to learn about and pay respects to. Have you watched the series? Did you know the #history of Rottnest Island?

#HealOurHistory #CultureIsLife #FirstNations #Truthtelling
You need to change things to change things.

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We asked young people what cultural identity means to them. What does cultural identity mean to you? Like, share and drop a comment to join the campaign!

We ask audiences to respect the young people's courage in sharing their perspectives throughout the #HealOurHistory campaign.

#TheAustralianWars #CultureIsLife #FirstNations #YoungPeople #Truthtelling #Healing

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Are you ready to embark on a journey of professional and personal growth? The 2023 #FullashipProgram is now open and accepting applications from young mob aged 18-30! Join a national initiative empowering young people to reach their full potential.

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"Everyone needs to watch it, it needs to be in schools and a main part of the curriculum. The truth needs to be told, so that we can move forward." - Leyla Quartermaine

Share your thoughts on #TheAustralianWars series in the comments. Airing on @nitv_au Jan 22-24 or On Demand @sbs_australia and access the education resources in the link in our bio 🔗

#HealOurHistory #CultureIsLife #FirstNations #Truthtelling