Schools are settings where our young people spend large amounts of time and our teachers have a huge responsibility to create and nurture safe and inclusive environments for our young people to thrive. We see and value you!

Culture is Life’s Education team of Aboriginal curriculum writers, Elders and young people advisors, have co-designed a suite of education resources for secondary and primary schools, freely accessible on Culture is Life’s Education Platform.

Our resources and education projects aim to:

  • Embed Aboriginal cultural content, values and approaches to wellbeing
  • Increase awareness and better understanding of our nation’s true history
  • Provide access to more Aboriginal-led and co-designed educational materials, training and tools
  • Increase understanding and skills to support cultural outcome

Archie Roach Stolen Generations Resources

“It’s important for younger people across this country to hear this song and understand it, because it’s an Australian story. It’s something that happened in this country and it’s still happening.” Uncle Archie Roach

In partnership with The Archie Roach Foundation, the resources for both Primary and Secondary schools aim to honour Stolen Generations Survivors and shed light on the devastating government policies that still impact thousands of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their families today.

The resources are based on four key themes:

  • Cultural Identity
  • Stolen Generations
  • Talking Our Truths
  • Healing Through Story and Arts.

Back to Nature Resources

Comprehensive education materials for primary and secondary schools to deliver the key themes from the successful ABC Series Back to Nature, available on ABC iView. Key themes include Geology, History, Natural Science, Spirituality, Custodianship, Creation, Kinship, Healing, Belonging & Connection.

Welcome to Our Country Children’s Book Series

Resources for Teachers, Parents and Carer’s to support the ‘Welcome to Our Country’ series of children’s books, told by Adam Goodes and Ellie Lang with illustrations by David Hardy.

The resources help to unpack themes from the books, including Aboriginal cultural practices, the notion of Terra Nullius and the impacts of colonisation on Australia’s First Peoples. We hope the resources will help readers to connect with First Nations cultures and acknowledge our true shared history.

The Australian Dream Resources

The Australian Dream is a theatrical feature documentary that uses the remarkable and inspirational story of AFL legend Adam Goodes as the prism through which to tell a powerful story about race, identity and belonging.

The Australian Dream resources can support students in their everyday lives, supporting  them to be more understanding and aware in the hopes to create a more inclusive nation for all peoples.

Through Adam Goodes’ story, The Australian Dream Resources explore four key educational themes:

  • Cultural Identity
  • History and Truths
  • Racism & Resilience
  • Reconciliation

We would love to hear from your with any feedback from our resources, professional development for teachers or general inquiries

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