Back to Nature is a visually stunning documentary series featuring actor Aaron Pedersen and writer Holly Ringland, as they take you on a journey into the deep interconnectedness between human beings and the landscape.

Culture is Life are proud to produce the curriculum resources and social impact campaign in partnership with the series producers, Media Stockade & Threshold Pictures.

Check out the #MeettheCustodians campaign on Culture is Life’s Instagram and Facebook, highlighting some of the incredible Traditional Custodians featured in the series who share their knowledge and stories of Country.

We hope to inspire an everlasting connection and appreciation to our beautiful culture, peoples and countries and thank the Back to Nature filmmakers for creating an incredible opportunity to embrace this beauty and hear some of Country’s stories.

Culture is Life acknowledges the ongoing work of so many Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islanders, as well as First Nations peoples globally. Those who have paved the way for us to be seen, heard and truly appreciated for the value and knowledge that has lived in us for time immemorial. We also acknowledge all the people that walk beside us and choose to be a part of these important conversations, particularly those who inspire our next generations of leaders.

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