Earth burning mother

Hear the roar, feel the heat

Hearts rapid beat, screams, cry, weep

Consciousness must awaken

Ancestors whisper in the wind

Ensures a timely roar

Totems burning, trees gone it’s time

Return to sacred now

Join hands awaken

honour first people’s knowledge

Ones who walked the earth since the Dreamtime

listen and learn proper way

Fire knowledge passed down

Respect and honour fire wisdom

Care for land the right way

Ancient teachings state

time to listen

Interconnectedness is the only way forward

bring back pride in our countries Indigenous knowledge and wisdom

We share in this together embrace each other live in harmony

the animals, birds, and plants are our kin

Respect them and each other

that is the one truth

for our Mother Earth our creator she nurtured all

It’s time

to grow up the country proper way

Indigenous sacred way now.

#CultureIsLife #MimiandJinda.
Photo of Mimi and Jinda by Barefoot Wandering – Photographer #SacredCountry #bushfires





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