Neil Morris


I am of Yorta Yorta woka (country) with bloodlines to many other mobs. I was raised in the small town of Mooroopna on Yorta Yorta country , a sleepy town by Kaiela (meaning Father water, the Goulburn river near Shepparton). The country is rich in wetlands with biyadirra (long neck turtles) countless amazing djunda (birds), majestic biyala nurtja (redgum forests), sacred sandhills, and beautiful cultural sites all across the land. When I wear this headdress I am reminded of how I am infused with all of those things.

It makes me consider myself extremely lucky. Not all Indigenous people have had the chance to connect to country and culture as I have. I feel incredibly blessed to have grown up on land where my roots of connection are thousands upon thousands of years deep.

Neil Morris, Yorta Yorta #untapyourhistory #becauseofherwecan #cultureislife


My mother has always been a gatherer and creator. From gathering medicines from Country to creating magic from little, she has always epitomised to me what it means to carry the essence of culture. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to say this headdress was created by her.

When I wear this it reinforces to me how I carry the spirit of her and my ancestors with me through the essence of country that is within her and all that she creates whether that’s tangible objects or the love she provides.

Neil Morris, Yorta Yorta #untapyourhistory #becauseofherwecan #cultureislife


In being a Yorta Yorta yiyirr (man), I am a descendent of a people who are strong and courageous. So many amazing tales of warriors I live with in my spirit, from pre colonial to more recent such as my great grandmother Nora Nicholls whom was the last woman to deliver babies on cummeragunja mission before our people walked off and departed for the Shepparton area in the 1930s.

I count my blessings and see everyday as my chance to rewrite a better garra (now ) and muniak (future) for this land and societies living upon it in the best way I can. Just as so many other amazing Indigenous people are doing in this beautiful sacred land right now.

Neil Morris, Yorta Yorta #untapyourhistory #becauseofherwecan #cultureislife