Lalatuai Grogan

“I carry the spirit of my Bubu and my Mum with me wherever I am. They taught me that I have a right and a responsibility to take up space and honour the privileges of education so that I can make change for my people. I acknowledge my Ancestors by doing my best, working hard and allowing what they have created in me to shine. It’s not just about me and what I want to do with my life, it’s about knowing where I come from and that I stand on the shoulders of so many of my Ancestors who have fought hard for me to be here.”

“I’ve always felt like I was walking in my Bubu’s (Grandmother Margaret Latatuai Nakikus) footsteps. She’s always with me. With my name and Tolai identity, and how Bubu went across oceans and the world to follow her dreams. She was such a matriarchal force who could weave together so many different worlds. You can really feel the legacy she has left for my family and I’m so proud to carry her name.

My mum Joy Yip has made so many sacrifices to give us the opportunities that we have had. She always placed us and our futures first. Mum’s an amazing woman and she’s overcome so much trauma and adversity. She is always actively doing something to grow as a person and has not just taught me these things but led by example. It means so much to hear her say she’s proud of me now.”

Lalatuai Grogan, Kuku-Yalanji & Tolai #untapyourhistory #becauseofherwecan #cultureislife


“Because of her I have strength in my cultural identity, I know who I am, where I come from and what that means.

Because of her and the sacrifices she made, I have a right and a responsibility to take up space and make change for my people.

Because of her I’m not ashamed or fearful of the strength and power I have as an individual.

Because of her I can be fearless in myself as a possibility.”

Lalatuai Grogan, Kuku-Yalanji & Tolai #untapyourhistory #becauseofherwecan #cultureislife