“I know some aspects of my family history well, but of other parts I am completely ignorant. Thanks to some relatives who did family research, I know my mum’s Anglo-‘Australian’ side really well. But on my dad’s side, my family history is limited to those who migrated to Australia.

I make an effort to learn about the history of the land I’ve grown up on – from 65,000+ years ago to present. I try to read a lot, particularly about the modern period of occupation in order to clear up some of the false or biased information I’ve no doubt accumulated over my lifetime.”

Hannah, Melbourne VIC #untapyourhistory #cultureislife

“My dad picked up this handkerchief embroidered with ‘Malta’ and the Maltese cross when he visited Malta in the 80’s. Thanks to my grandpa’s Maltese roots, my dad’s family became deeply involved in the Maltese community of Brunswick when they migrated to Australia. My English grandma and technically British dad became honorary Maltese-Australians. Dad always reminds me of his deep affection for the Maltese migrant community.

When I hold it, I remember the happy, distant memories of visiting my grandma at her apartment. I feel grateful for the physical connection to my grandparents who are now gone. I honour my Ancestors by making an effort to learn about the countries they came from and learning about what it was like for them in Australia when they migrated.”

Hannah, Melbourne VIC #untapyourhistory #cultureislife