Culture Is Life is headed to the World Indigenous Peoples’ Conference on Education, from 26-30 September 2022 in Adelaide, Australia!

We’re looking forward to meeting with and learning from First Nations peoples from across the world and will be presenting two workshops, ‘Filmmaking and Truth Telling in the Educational Context: An Exclusive Premiere of the Final Episode of The Australian Wars Documentary’ and ‘Reshaping our learning environments through Indigenous ways of knowledge sharing. Supporting culturally safe and appropriate spaces, educators and resources for our young people to thrive in a western education system.’ 

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Want to learn more about #TheAustralianWars? #EducationResources for Episode 1 are now live on on the Culture Is Life education platform and SBS Learn! Link in bio 🔗

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"How do you prepare your child for truth telling? How do schools prepare to teach truth telling? With help, support, open communication and an open mind and heart." - Shelley Ware, Education Lead at Culture Is Life

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In recognition of the The Australian War’s immense educational value, Culture Is Life is collaborating with Blackfella Films and SBS Learn to publish curriculum-aligned education resources about the frontier conflicts. The resources will analyse the documentary using short clips that explore the ongoing impacts of colonisation and highlight historical perspectives. The resources will also provide an insight into the immense value that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander oral histories possess, with a focus on local history and how schools can engage with their local communities for further learning opportunities. New classroom-ready clips will launch each week as each episode premieres and will be published on our education platform and SBS Learn.

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When we tell stories of war, rarely do we talk about the wars fought on Australian soil. Across this continent, thousands of people lost their lives in the longest-running conflict in Australian history; the Frontier Wars. Arrernte and Kalkadoon woman and Director & Presenter Rachel Perkins journeys across the continent to explore the breadth of warfare, strategy, and forceful resistance that occurred.

The Australian Wars | Premieres September 21 at 7.30pm on SBS and NITV
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