Alice Skye

“I am searching, I am listening, I will search to speak my language.”

“At the moment I’m writing poems in my language. It feels powerful to speak the words but also upsetting that I haven’t always known them. I honour my Ancestors and the memory of my past every single day. It’s unavoidable. It’s so important to me to learn as much as I can so that my Wergaia Wemba Wemba stories and language live forever.”

Alice Skye, Wegaia Wemba Wemba, Singer-songwriter

“Pelicans are our totem on my Wergaia side. When I think of the Pelican I think of my Great Grandmother. One day when I was driving a Pelican flew directly over my car and at the same time I received a message telling me that I’d been accepted into a competition to fly up to Alice Springs to record my first ever song, which is where my whole music career started.” Alice Skye, Wergaia and Wemba Wemba #untapyourhistory #cultureislife#culturesquad

Alice Skye‘s album ‘Friends with Feelings’ is out now and available to buy and stream on all platforms.