Callisha Amber Gregg-Rowan


“My name is Callisha Amber Gregg-Rowan and I am of Canadian, Irish, Scottish and English heritage. I live and work on Wurundjeri country.

I think a lot about the ways in which those of us who are not Indigenous to this land can respectfully live on these lands. I don’t want to see history repeating itself. I believe our generation can stand together, listen truthfully to the stories of the past, and walk forward to create a future that celebrates and honours the richness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, stories, ancestry and connection to country.”

Callisha, Melbourne VIC #untapyourhistory #cultureislife


“This jacket was worn by my great grandfather as a child growing up in rural Scotland. It holds the memories and stories of those who have worn it before me. As a young girl growing up in rural Victoria in the 1940s, my maternal grandmother wore this same jacket as a way to connect with her heritage. When my great grandmother passed away, I wore it to her funeral. Although I was only five years old and despite the grief, I remember a profound feeling of security, strength and connection, while embraced in this black velvet jacket.

By connecting with stories about the strong, resilient women who came before me, I honour my ancestry. Every day I am learning new things about my lineage, so that one day I can pass this history on.”

Callisha, Melbourne VIC #untapyourhistory #cultureislife